5. Counting

5. Counting

Steps taken over the waters

As if through time as well

It is suspended

After I leave here

Before I get there


As I project thoughts

that play along the rails

Counting each hop

Counting each skip


Then returning as if

none of it occurred

The bridge ends and soon

I’m home



2. Playthings

2. Playthings

Play a game with me

In the seasons of my self

Maybe we will get lost

As time passes in moments

We may find perspective again


What a fool I am                                                                                                                                                 To think that I have changed                                                                                                                         The thought is very simple                                                                                                                           Yes I have changed in one way                                                                                                                       Realising something new of the                                                                                                                   same


How much better is a definition                                                                                                                   when it’s unrefined                                                                                                                                           For all those that change                                                                                                                                 Exchange their own time for time                                                                                                               Our only currency


My greatest pet peeve

is time.

Our value determined

by the length of

our shadows.


As they grow and shrink

then return to æther.

Then the only weight

is our own shoulders.


And the gnawing thought

that we’ll watch the

stars tomorrow.


With all their




Picked by each of

its pieces

And caste

like dice

and hands at

play as a gambit

A house of games


Be as painting

Space conversing

with the revelatory



Encaptured the

idea of the moment

forgetting the wheres

and why-fors

in age


Names dancing

upon the plaque

lit stage


Each bud

stroking across

the palpable palette