17. Momentum

Making another visit today

they didn’t start as they usually





These states of undress                                                                                                                                 Shall we get pleasure and again                                                                                                                   Redress all our bliss


The spectral ooze lay cooling upon their puddenda.
Their lips clung delicate and blossom-like.
No longer moist, they clung no more.

Tender Ties

Reciting tender


Bondage in

Ungagged screams


A whimpering tide

Nine leather tails

Rush down spine


Sacred perversion

With each bell rung

Echoed by growls

Of plum-headed leaking


The malice in all

All so benign

In cuddled swinging

All the more intertwine

My Reflection’s Smile

Talking the nightly, star play saunter as they fall in synchronicity.

White noise blends with the symphonies serendipity. As we wade in the lacuna and shed our immortal coils.

The moons split themselves, in order to share themselves among the sun-stressed, -soaked, -stretched trinity.

The ache of kidneys, waiting for these unworn shoes to shift themselves. Let’s look away, and find a group or two to siphon their stories.

Then string them out in time. Say it once, said it twice until I until I no longer have to use the thought or tongues.

It will all be empty, and health will be our only escape from ourselves. be my reflections smile, as you play your first song in my mind.

Good morning me, Good morning you, let’s unentangle the vines of the morning wood, coated in morning dew. A somber good morning, with happy ending. You.

iii. Eulogy of An Appetite

There’s something about apathy

at the table, where the

group sits, divides and multiplies.


Blossoms of vine orchid, that

foreign star whose light is

all that remains.


Remnants of heartfelt reverberations,

all tendrils spread out an

orbit of the chaotic.


What order shall these arms

bring, but immanence, limit

experiences, limited by incessant



This I shall, I shall stand upon

that moving, shifting, cornucopiac

colours spread.

v. Transparent Bore

Coarse silk, wrapped around

right hand as a genetic leash.

Capturing her, not her but

where she resides.


Back and forth, towards me towards this moment as I sit

apart, watching this interplay

between bodies.


Neither mine,

Nor her’s

Nor his

Belonging to no one, in this

instant, this series of

episodic nows


Leading into that visceral

decadence, then back,

letting this body up for air.