Lossless Ink

Drumming fingers on knees and tables
Snips of each fable
Will these strums linger on each cable
May there be glory as this virtual inks fades below the next key click


Lullaby Requiem


The yawning aide


Virtual vinyl serenade


Which track shall loop

Until it awakes the haze

of sleep


Cosy bass for the trembling dream

Comatose in each plucking string

Would winds not chime

This defeaning place


Viola’s lain bare by the lyre’s

electric blare

As distorted sighs

Carry away the noise of dead air

Annoyed Panic

Ecstatic although find way to manage

the moving concerns of unjustified concern

Becoming a healthy habit that this

addict would rather stop, but not yet

my eardrums haven’t shattered,

each eye seeking insight in the void.


A danger to myself and others, the

proof pudding from practices will


How grains of Fate have fallen

between the luke-warm fingers.


Concussion with momentary relapse

into amnesia, I open and close

words with each.

All beside music is noise



Honest Gestures

Nauseous nursing

As the sip shall last

Such meaningful gestures

That only the jester shall



For is responsible

Go who is at fault

Falling in leaves

Seeking that black rosed thorn


Whence I was torn

No O’ evermore I shall leave ever

so soon


Breaking the welcoming

void of dawn

Let me play with each page

Until it pulps against the pen

Make love against the plain

Find meaning against the paint

Suffering in each dig and slice

Each and every cut


Making Love with the pen

until Deathe by Her inkling

guide to Fate

Metronomous Melodies(An Epic)

Passing along the myriad of

scattered edges, to trip into the



Bathed in the echoing breaths

as they leave each lung,

leave my breath.


I’m not going to swim back up,

but below seeking all the fallen

suns, icarus losing each feather

until each bone breaks each one

peeling off as the depths embrace

each lung.


Fill me, fill me,

feel me, feel me

Each sense , sensation

be aware of all awareness


How many ages have I come


How many ages have come

to pass

Each twisted and wilting olive



Launch myself into the labyrinths

of lacerated individuals, for when is one

strange, strung along the organic traffic


Fill me, Fill me

Feel, feel, fill, fill

Each perceptions,

consciously conscience


Floating reverberations,

coating the arrival, branding



Blood letting, menotony

metronomous melodies

Harmony, intermingle

validate these,

validate thee,

validate me,


Valid wights,

talent in valid

the dates in

an appropriated



Bent among

the limelight

betwixt the

well lit paths

that lead..


Luna’s daytime

lullaby, lush

upon the ears

drumming away

in foreign tones

of e’er

familiar rythms


Be as song

The bona tempora

upon life’s beach


Hoast each sail

to be enraptured

by fluid ocean

gusts of music


Lay back and

find that all

is well


Deafening with

each distorted

chord of every

heart beat