8. Tracing

8. Tracing

To keep that constant reminder with

age as not to forget who we are

as we become


Who we were as we become

Who we are

In age as I travel among these

feelings and thoughts


There are some things to be kept

Some things to be watched

and watch without turning my head


Dare I step without dragging a foot

Changing always even if I don’t wish

to pull away


Rather shall I carve my way

and keep a few as others fade

and keep a few while keeping face

Maybe I won’t lose my trace


2. Playthings

2. Playthings

Play a game with me

In the seasons of my self

Maybe we will get lost

As time passes in moments

We may find perspective again


As long as the future keeps meeting the past
It’s easy to live in the present when one is this forgetful


Span of attention
Serialized in quick quips of beauty
A simple bounty


As a child

I ran around

the house, not stopping even to watch

my mother’s vases shatter or roll.

Now I pace as thoughts

race, not stopping even to watch

my mind shatter or roll.


Scribbled beneath

the margins

Passing through

the sides


Knawing each

page into




rubble into



And piece


nothing from

the long

sought forgotten

fragments of each

time worn



Vices of

a virtuous jest

Vocals of

the laying

down dusk


In damask


of rock




caste and

iron clad

Bathed in

laurels of

radiant suns