9. Effaced Lover

9. Effaced Lover

There lingers something within me

I’m yet to understand.

It’s nature and mine intertwine like

lovers chained together.


If one were to remove the chain

would they touch no longer or rather

love each other all the more.


I’ve learned not to fear what I do not

understand within myself.

As this too is a part of me, as I am

indeed myself.



Racing down the energetic waves                                                                                                               To find this rippling calm                                                                                                                               And a shred of chaotic peace


Touch ephemera
Embracing such spaceless time
Now become divine

Make It So!(Manifest)

Letting go of all ties, all tethers and


Empty, emptying all, empty

The Black Flames

Abysmal void





The clouds like

an shell,

a shroud

all beneath.


Though above

in hope the

stars remain,

as below, the

winds bellow

and we may remain



The distance between

stars, like between

the soul and



As the mind tries to comprehend

its own inability in thought.


Be as song

The bona tempora

upon life’s beach


Hoast each sail

to be enraptured

by fluid ocean

gusts of music


Lay back and

find that all

is well


Deafening with

each distorted

chord of every

heart beat





the angst of

youth is the

bedrock for

the monk who

thought best of

physical suicide,

and took up spiritual.


What’s common

in the adolescent

angst, when nature,

is nothing.

The Void is the

only real ‘thing’

to them.


Why is the one

better than the

other? Because

the void has

accepted both, yet

one is yet to

accept the void.