Whose world shall I inevitably lose                                                                                                             Fate’s hands on my skin, I don’t                                                                                                                 know where this will end                                                                                                                             And even if I were to know His hands                                                                                                       it would end the same



Another dream

Shed without

A fever nor the

Fruit of a single


Warming Gaze

Mistaken for

The wish once



A dream gasping

For subconscious



Heaven and Earth

Shall undivide

Linear cycles

For all are

Untimely demise


Is it Hyperion

Who’ll serenely sigh

Or Phobos him

In rhythm and tune


Or  a last lost

Serenade from

A warming gaze


The reality of dreams

melding, as they meddle with

each other.


Their intersections create a

fair and free disparity, as

questions arise.


How is it that one can tell

the difference, to say to

open my eyes is to awaken.


Yet, I awake to these dreams,

with each wink and blink.


Shall the

beast learn

to soothe itself

As it yearns

for the muses’



For the first

Her fingers

meet the



As all

these strung

across an

open heart


Feeling loneliness

no longer

awakened to

her sleep

and all the

more dream’

to monger

All the more

to dream


In a world

where ‘ggod’ girls

want to be ‘bad’

girls so they

can be with

the ‘bad’ boys

All I’m offering

is sincerity.


It has ‘sin’

right from the

beginning but

it’s as if

our dreams

could never

entirely be our



Even if they

are individual

singularities, they

have the greatest


Their budget is

greater than the

one for this


iii. Nurtural

Nature and


The differnences

between people

The similarities

between siblings


As it may be

in a parent’s

nature not

to nurture

As nurturing’s

as nature is

to a child


How naturally it

comes for us, to us

to dream

Evermore natural

not to nurture

those dreams


The nature of

waking up in


So often, that

we fall asleep

to realities