8. Tracing

8. Tracing

To keep that constant reminder with

age as not to forget who we are

as we become


Who we were as we become

Who we are

In age as I travel among these

feelings and thoughts


There are some things to be kept

Some things to be watched

and watch without turning my head


Dare I step without dragging a foot

Changing always even if I don’t wish

to pull away


Rather shall I carve my way

and keep a few as others fade

and keep a few while keeping face

Maybe I won’t lose my trace



7. Immortality

7. Immortality

One without equal may

seek only that, maybe

to share the responsibility


Do we fear death or immortality. or

simply losing out on one

because we have the other


Our Passion’s paradox

driving us to evolve as

consciousness expands, we

transmigrate and trade our

bodies again


The fear of immortality is

that we’ll experience everything,

have all the memories and then

never forget

Could we just be Deities without the


6. Timing

6. Timing

Speaking only twice

Once heard

And then no more

4. Day Two

4. Day Two

I guess I don’t like being lonely

I prefer spending time

We’ve spent the whole day

I think it’s too early to end the night

But it’s okay You can leave

As soon as I fall asleep


Being as self-serving as the next                                                                                                                 person the least I can do is serve                                                                                                                   myself by serving others.


What a fool I am                                                                                                                                                 To think that I have changed                                                                                                                         The thought is very simple                                                                                                                           Yes I have changed in one way                                                                                                                       Realising something new of the                                                                                                                   same


Anything else here
Embedded within these
Words beneath these Words
Beyond their unconscious plays
What else could my symbols create