1. Anyway

1. Anyway

Now I’m becoming the friend I would have wanted

and even more so the friend I needed.


The kind of person who has the perspective I lacked.

Especially when I was off they would know

and they would help me understand it.


Even if I wouldn’t have asked for the help I needed…anyway.



Carried by these wilted wings                                                                                                                       To be embraced by the warmest                                                                                                                   winds                                                                                                                                                                     And then swept away


To embrace a part of myself that is yet to be…                                                                                         As an actor on Horizon’s stage, I                                                                                                                   hear the unknown not knowing                                                                                                                     whether I listened too.                                                                                                                                     Trying to listen this time I’ll probably                                                                                                          hear something new.


How much better is a definition                                                                                                                   when it’s unrefined                                                                                                                                           For all those that change                                                                                                                                 Exchange their own time for time                                                                                                               Our only currency


The spectral ooze lay cooling upon their puddenda.
Their lips clung delicate and blossom-like.
No longer moist, they clung no more.

Is This Your Book?(Collections)

There’s no answer to your

question of marriage, but will

you honour my proposal of

life-long friendship?


With every expression of

affection, there’s an affectation

of yearning that’s always satisfied.


Every compliment to you, your

figure, your beauty is another

blade to your skin.


It’s all and always overwhelming,

it’s too intense, You don’t get use

to it over time, this line

is just here to force a rhyme.


It seems I’ll keep on competing

with your void feelings.

Your feelings of nothing and

emptiness, without fear in

every moment I say…

To see who will break first and

laugh off the words.

Better its yourself than someone

else, because you help compete

with these feelings of love.


Whether its yourself or someone else,

its too much and never enough,

like the click of this unloaded

gun in my mouth.


As I one-up some gesture

from a book that you loved.


How warn is my cover, from

the touch of your fingers, I open.

There your bookmark remains,

as you flip through your life,

skipping this chapter,

with its corners creased in vain.

You run your fingers

on the veins of those folds

you forgot why you made.


On your shelf or on your bedside

table, from beside the lamp

on your desk…You watch me

as you sleep.


This is the only edition that

this chapter exists, I see

tabs all around me, different

coulours for different feelings.


You could’t bring Yourself to read

me like the others, because you’ve

never loved the idea that a

story should end.


Closure or none, this role of

being in and on each other’s faces.

Even in the slightest of ways we’ll

call it intimacy, as we race to

rejoin the awaiting dust, collecting

on every part of us.

ii. Eclipsed Tangential

Docile scent the ale from well-worn


To find where that which wonders,


Laying down time to sup upon

the titt’ of wisps from hackneyed



Stride of the tangential


A myriad of ellipses

An end to this means

An end to these means


means in the endless

taut of topless tortures

Shall it slips upon