Drink 1.0

Lone smoke blown

into the absurd crest

of crackling clouds

Aromas of distant, distant,

dist- the distance…My own ambience


Drink 1.1

Is it not that

darkness is the

absence of light?


Your absence effaced

by the multilayered

veils of experience


Experience is then

thus, the passive

light creates the


of the dark’


Act up

Act out

Act in, in act

Action made, trades

Til’ the sky is crackling

crack’ing, shatter and disperse.

Drink 1.2

Dense abstractions from

a society that is uninterested.


For it is not the evils,

the ne’r-do-wells, that

wreck, and reap but

those who are bound

in the purgatory of



Yet those, O’

and O’ to the Heaven’s

to the Hell’s

Those whose ‘I’dentity

is  dependant or dependent



Is it not the villain, Eleanora

that calls the hero

to action? O’ and Oh, Elea’

2nd Drink

The drug of grain,

of wine, of vines

of allotted Merlot


A Dionysian

in an Apollonian drama,

the resonance of melodramatic


In a world, dimension

that is in an adjacent

cascade of thought.

2.0 Last Drink

Writing deteriorating

as the ambiance wades

into that catatonic,



These my siblings, nonetheless

caveats, about caveat

tears into the emptying



These bottles, as if

a chalice, hides the


But it is all, and

walk  my friend, my

left brain, my brother

Yet and yet, and…


Through pseudonyms

‘I’ age, age, til,