8. Tracing

8. Tracing

To keep that constant reminder with

age as not to forget who we are

as we become


Who we were as we become

Who we are

In age as I travel among these

feelings and thoughts


There are some things to be kept

Some things to be watched

and watch without turning my head


Dare I step without dragging a foot

Changing always even if I don’t wish

to pull away


Rather shall I carve my way

and keep a few as others fade

and keep a few while keeping face

Maybe I won’t lose my trace



6. Timing

6. Timing

Speaking only twice

Once heard

And then no more

5. Counting

5. Counting

Steps taken over the waters

As if through time as well

It is suspended

After I leave here

Before I get there


As I project thoughts

that play along the rails

Counting each hop

Counting each skip


Then returning as if

none of it occurred

The bridge ends and soon

I’m home


2. Playthings

2. Playthings

Play a game with me

In the seasons of my self

Maybe we will get lost

As time passes in moments

We may find perspective again

1. Anyway

1. Anyway

Now I’m becoming the friend I would have wanted

and even more so the friend I needed.


The kind of person who has the perspective I lacked.

Especially when I was off they would know

and they would help me understand it.


Even if I wouldn’t have asked for the help I needed…anyway.


Whither will the flowers
Soaking each stem and each root
Kindling all the buds

Sprinkles & Memories

Variety is the spice ,the sprinkles, the chocolate chip. The profound in the mundane, mundane in the profound all that is new becomes dull, then new again. Everything is borroed, and nothing is ever kept, there’s no keeping each other, nor any other person. It’s not so much the person that is kept, but all the time we borrowed together.

Then we’ll have memories, even of the things we’ve forgotten. We’ll feel different and differently, about the emotions we had and the emotions we have. Young or aged, nothing new, movements made, altered, just different. All of us, each of us, changed.