Werther, The Desert

Reign in wanderer

One with all journey shall end

Destined to adventure

To curse all promised lands now


Directionless too

Though fate and luck ride beside

Mapped by lost stars

A story yet to begin


From & For

Vaguely running through the summer’s

night puddles

The empty feeling fills itself

because there can’t be nothing.


Each candy coated, lungs filled

with smoke I’m choking


Grinning from your soul,

may I lay beside you,

whispering into your ear


Who would beg for that

wretched nothing, wretched nothing


Losing, losing days

these hours are seconds

to that smile

can we be infinite



Therefore, here can not e something

The full thought empties myself

Let the winter’s shine

soak up that vividness


A call to arms,

All things fall apart,

As I shall sleep and

count these grains no longer


Subsides the loneliness,

yet it’s for no one else

Searching for something

Who shall , am I

going to fill this all



Let’s fall upon, upon

and arise to the flawless

mess of this abode


For there’s no one to

disappoint and nothing

to expect


From you

For me

From me

For you


There’s little else to fill this void

filled shaft

Let the gates of dream

Open as I shut my lids

Into oblivion

Blow my mind, and bash my brain


i.Excerpts Without Context

I. Each of us in some way try to think we’re different but we’re not. The same reasons why I’m attracted to you are probably like everyone else’s reasons. To put aside your slim figure, your pert breasts and your pretty face. The common denominator in each of them-us- is you, similarly in why each relationship ended..You outgrew them, rather outgrew the relationship. Instead of growing together together; growing with each other. That’s why some relationships last, and maybe why others end. Now we’ll either outgrow each other, grow with each other or grow apart.


A performance?

A show?

I read a few poems

written hours ago


Yet no word as each

second is more

valuable than another.


Each one equally

superfluous in its






Your existence

makes a difference,

even if You are not

trying nor want it



It matters,

You matter,

You’re full of it,

meaning that is.


That is, it is still insignificant.




The ideas


In a rush

and flurry


No longer

do they

muddy the



In clarity,

they arise

Arise and

rise up


Raise them

Others sunk

after they

are thought



Dance ye

dames, ye


In your convoluted



Thine jest

of muses

As if upon

a stage


Mine, the

theatre of

fools and naive



A muttering

of the mute

that falls,

that only falls

upon these ears

of deaf spectators


A dance only

for the blind

To be understood

by the ignorant

and dumb

Felt only by the numb.