1. Anyway

1. Anyway

Now I’m becoming the friend I would have wanted

and even more so the friend I needed.


The kind of person who has the perspective I lacked.

Especially when I was off they would know

and they would help me understand it.


Even if I wouldn’t have asked for the help I needed…anyway.



Called out by those who left home                                                                                                               only to return                                                                                                                                                     Still wandering where this heart is                                                                                                             If this is just another house I’m                                                                                                                   passing through


Maybe it’s unrelatable
As it relates to all of them
Familiarity may breed
Yet absence grows fonder
Shall we keep our distances


It’s not that
I feel nothing
It’s that I feel
Uncertain still


Bridging gaps among synapses
Stutter no more and take me to the comforts of my abnorm’
Playing with my tangled hair waiting to see how this persona will fair

Causal Smile

A face like this

Cannot be read

With simple eye



Passing by

As a passerby

With evermore

Weary eyes


Dispassion unexpressive

A face assaulted

By a causal smile



Shall a glance

Sedate the shallows


Hailed hollows

Of an unlit son


Roll on these

Weighted dice


And shall Fate

And Chance


Succumb to

The scales of time