Part 1: Art Studio

Vibratory aspects

Shiver the scorched



Shall we stand

upon the barefoot



Artless among

the art-filled

blurs the

inebriating thoughts


What material pressed

to mar with beauty

Glor’ and gory

Anathema the

onomatopoeia of

the conditioned air


Of those who

exfixiate in here


xix. Solar Refrain (Lunar Duet)

In the choir’s mouth

Time lapsed


dream connected



How far I go,

still water

never fill

my lungs


So in every

breath I may



Deathe, dies in

Her lover’s


As minstrels

play a stringed


And His Mother

chants Her monk

sons’ psalms


A fate stitched

into each palm

As an incomplete

portrait, a photo

in each poem

viiieen.) A Caricature

The catacombs of our self bidden

catechism. Now they serve as our



Perplexed by the subtle perturbations,

words crackling across my lips

making these inklings pour across


Beside these ashen lines, diluting

the hearts congealed blood, dilating

each constricted thought.


Blindly we wonder passed our insight,

at our past born asunder

these their insides, shall the innards

read as woven, interlocked and entangled.


Another cataclysmic tale of amnesiatic

absentia, ostentatious in our preconscious



Flinging vase like tablets, into cuneiform

fragments, it just so happens that these

in each portion are hapless.


These our chamber doors; upon which none




With The Lawn

Cross blended in song,

their bitter tastes

begin to shade into

a sickly delicacy.


Frosted are the

jumbled notations

among the ink strained



Blended all into

the questions of

a melting pot.


How oblique that

spicy umami,

we evade the

kamorebi, with

the moist embedded


xi.) Mythos

How these ashes

may be so depart

from their red ringed

rose kissed bud.


A creeping jaundice

wraps around, plucking

the polish from its home.



I burnt my thumb

again, now the endorphins

will meet their nicotinted