20. Migraine in F Sharp

I wonder who began this

tangled mess, was it some

game of mazes or an

intertwining of jests


19. Abode

However the day comes, with clouds

resting slightly lower above

our heads.

The faces will be seen just

then, in a celestial abode

what bodies will be made

so bare and then without

concern, in lightless

cloth they will be draped.

18. Elemental

Raised by the earth that

bore the branches that

reached for radiant


13. That Much

Were these compliments to be

complimentary, as the delight

of pleasantries

I recognise that this is not

the only place and that You may

want it anyway. If Yes or no,

at most, You do not need my approval.


12. Mono

Synonymous with anonymity

As these angst worn jeans

Personality is an authentic copy

As the smile of a facsimile


Reincarnation or retro-resurrection

now let’s go cross that river again

11. Eden’s Mire

Callousness of compliments

a soft touch

It may be mid-evening but

I’ll absentmindedly have a late



A twenty-something the

pretentious teenager would’ve

admired and followed flames

first into Eden’s Mire



Called out by those who left home                                                                                                               only to return                                                                                                                                                     Still wandering where this heart is                                                                                                             If this is just another house I’m                                                                                                                   passing through