Songs of Cephias

Cephias was part of a performance art ‘band’ called ‘Sisyphus Smiles’ after they gained some popularity his disposition lead to an addiction with anxiety pills. He was married to a painter and photographer named Eleanora Jade Esma; to which he was married for a year and a half. They separated because it was necessary for Cephias to get mentally healthy.

Eventually, they went their separate ways and within the mental health institution he became close to a playwright named Luna.They never married although they spent the rest of their lives together in a small house they shared. Cephias started his solo career which consisted of various writings,vocals and guitar. Luna portrayed him as King David as he was prolific though his performances were few he made many recordings that were destroyed in a stage play by Luna.

Among the recordings, which had no copies, various paintings, plays, and written works were destroyed in a piece they performed on the last night of Luna’s most popular play ‘Icarus: Seeking The Ocean’s Bottom ‘all the reviews were in their favour. Besides his songs and the letters sent to Eleanora Jade Esma and Theodore referred to as Dorian. They stayed in their home and only left for various necessities, besides that they lost all contact besides each other. Cephias and Luna were found in their bed close to and facing each other. It was clear that they died by an overdose of heroin.

These are all that remains though titled ‘Songs of Cephias’ it is clear that Luna with Cephias had written these and made their sketches together. Besides these there was no definitive suicide note their room was a complete studio for all their creative ventures and experiments; the rest their home is almost untouched.


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