– Light Absorbing Flame –

Intoxicated by the sleeper’s wake.

Restless, as an evened brush stroked

in darkened silvers that shall not shimmer.


Burst! Burst thither, hither, neither nor

the nether realms the interwoven lightness

entangles, in an instant branching out

and ever expanding.


Unfulfilled this pedestal, for if it were

not mined but the thoughts that were

audible. Each one picked, quoted, misquoted,

and nit-picked from networked clouds.


Then slip, slip off, slip away. wrenching

what is false and wrenching without passion

from both stomach and heart.


The paths, mine path’s ever inward

to the reaching shelf of even those fragmented

biscuits and cookies.


The mirrored ballroom of all the marionettes

masquerade, how forgetful for each may

have more than one way, more than a single

face, rather charade peaking with a wanton glare.


Sever the marionettes coils, let the mirrors remain

and each mask fall apart and away.

Blossom into light absorbing flame.


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