Inward Darkness

Falling into my gaze, She

bathes in the mud of my iris.

The glass beneath the bath

shatters. As She sinks into my soul.


Now She roams lost there

alone, after a pill for

this panic I sit down

this mind in silence blooms

as an exotic flower.


Going inward guided by the

light of the shattered window

above, there’s a child I meet

there. Without greeting I question

why there’s so little in here

and whither She went?


Smiling, running off

I follow to the radiance

in the distance, not hearing

the child shouting the light

blinds and engulfs me.


Soon it’ll be the night of this

soul, and I still haven’t found

Her, lost and all alone, lost and all



Who speaks to me, I look up

it’s a lady but not Her,

but she knows where She

is, and knows who I am

but who is she, leading me

bu her presence.


This feeling is familiar yet

foreign, she’s a goddess

guiding though this darkness.


I tell her I can’t rest, running

off once again her kiss

still cooling on my forehead.

Smiling I trip, some figure

a cloak who says I should

heed one lesson said a thousand

times in a whispering second.

I thank the shadow, filled with

fear and trembling my eyes

close shut, where she plant

her kiss sears my forehead.


Smoke fills my lungs,

I asphyxiate, as I run,

without sight, nor hearing,

deaf, mute, blind I still run,

plainly I’m dumb.


I can feel everything, I still run.

I can’t feel anything, I still run.

Lost and all alone, alone

and all lost.


Death permeates, echoing, branching

out and expanding. I still run.

I don’t understand why anymore,

all I can’t remember is

whether there’s something I’ve

forgotten. I still run.


All lost and all alone

I can’t feel if I’m running anymore,

All I feel is this warmth is

it or isn’t it my own? The night

has fallen, the day has broken

and this lotus blooms no more.



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