To Theodore

Once a person has been, willingly and unwillingly, ne’r Deathe. Attempted suicide is a cosmic joke for what success is there at all in smudging off another blip on this scale sized universe.

Our performance, art piece is complete , as we reached a point where we couldn’t tell which remarks, regards, and affectionate expressions were ,though genuine, rehearsed.

The end of all the affectation. Thank You. I am neither happy nor unhappy, feel neither love/hate nor indifference. Neither sad not unsad.

As Sisyphus sacrificed his smile, shall this loss of light not leave you in darkness, without even the phases of the moon to aide and subside…

This is merely another curtain call, shall the walls of pills no longer keep us from ourselves. Let these characters meet their actors and not weep among burning shattered masks, the pages wither with the stages and thus the orchestra shall be a final sound as the conductor carries on.



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